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Ferrovial Services is the subsidiary responsible for managing and maintaining assets (infrastructure and buildings) and for municipal and environmental services. It is a leader in integrated services for cities, energy optimization and waste management.

The division has established itself as one of Europe's leading players in the services sector and is viewed as a solid partner that is committed to its clients, both public and private. It offers a broad range of innovative solutions that provide for more efficient and sustainable management of the services needed by infrastructure and cities.

The companies that make up Ferrovial Services-Amey, Cespa and Ferroser-are benchmark players in the countries where they operate (the UK and Spain) are known for being very demanding and highly competitive. 

End-to-end asset management 

Ferrovial Services has established three lines of strategy: End-to-end Services for Cities, Energy Efficiency, and Waste Recovery. They are based on a comprehensive vision of all the client's needs and are developed on the basis of an end-to-end asset management system that covers the entire life cycle: from planning to operation and the necessary maintenance. Ferrovial Services has the expertise and tools to maximize asset productivity over the long term.

Infrastructure and cities are engines of economic and social development and also play an integral role in our lives. Ferrovial Services improves infrastructure and cities by optimizing their efficiency, functionality and sustainability and their contribution to society. We have the organization and value-added services to meet current and future needs of both governments and citizens.

We turn cities into sustainable environments through our environmental services. We manage green areas, clean and maintain streets and use the best available technology to collect, recycle, process and transform waste into energy and new materials. We optimize costs and capital expenditure by implementing customized end-to-end practical solutions: from initial diagnosis through implementing the necessary solutions to managing energy usage. We manage services in buildings and facilities and ensure energy efficiency.

We improve and maintain transport infrastructure, ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety. Our work covers the entire process, from planning the needs of vehicles and people to resolving any incidents. Finally, we provide transport and welfare services to optimize social infrastructure and foster citizen participation in an increasingly connected society. 

Focus on innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. Giving our best service to clients and citizens and continuously improving over time are what we live for and are the core of our strategy. We develop and integrate the latest technology in services to offer the best possible solutions to our clients. To maintain this advantage, we work with institutions which are world leaders in innovation, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Occupational safety

Ferrovial Services has over 30,000 employees working in a wide range of locations and conditions. For that reason, safety is a constant priority. Accident rates continued to decline in 2011 as a result of safety and training measures and programs applied on a continuous basis throughout the organization. 

Managing revenues 

In 2011, Ferrovial Services continued to apply the revenue management program implemented three years ago to ensure timely collection of payment for services. Economic difficulties being experienced by our main clients, public administrations, make it necessary to work with them in order to adapt their public service delivery needs to their budgets. The results continue to evidence the program's efficiency.

Results 2011: Santiago Olivares

Results 2011: Santiago Olivares

The CEO of Ferrovial Services notes that the Company has increased its revenues and operating results, following its strategy of selective growth in long-term contracts.

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